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Connecting to God:

Worship with us

Sunday morning worship services at St. Andrew EPC begin at 10:15 in the sanctuary.  

The service lasts about an hour and a half. Music is a mix of contemporary songs and traditional hymns played in updated and lively style. Music leadership is provided by the worship band, made up of a guitarist, drummer, pianist, and singers. Read more about our worship music

Children five years and younger are cared for in the nursery by our Nursery Director, Addison, and church volunteers. All have met requirements for child safety training and background checks. 

On Sunday mornings for children 6 and up we offer kids worship upstairs across from our nursery. The kids get a small lesson during our regular worship and then are dismissed to head upstairs. You can then get your child after our worship ends.  Youth Group meetings for middle and senior high school students run most Sundays after the service. A mid-day meal is provided for them. For more information, check the Youth page or call the church office. 

See information about special services on and around holidays: Easter & Christmas

Sundays at St. Andrew:

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