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Women's Retreat 2023


April 21-23, 2023

Kimberly Hock and her husband Rob live in Indianapolis where he pastors Southport Presbyterian. She has a Masters in Counseling, earned certification through The Allender Center in Seattle and a certification in Soul Care from The Soul Care Institute. With 25 years of ministry as part of her journey, Kimberly continues to sense her calling in the Church. She is recommended by, and is a clinician for, the EPC Presbytery of the Midwest. The Hebrew word shalom is translated peace, but is more complex than that. Shalom refers to a state of wholeness; everything is as it should be. Kimberly will lead us in a study of shalom in scripture and help us see, in our own stories, how shalom is shattered, sought, and restored. The theme of our week together is “Shalom in Scripture, Shalom in Me” We will stay at the Michindoh Conference Center, April 21-23rd, just an about an hour from the church in their hotel style rooms. They will feed us like kings, and provide some fantastic activities in the beautiful setting of a private lake. Start making arrangements for your kids, or work now so you can escape for a retreat to feed your soul, restore you body, and refresh your mind!

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