Are We Too Proud To Mourn

What happened in Orlando Sunday night was evil. Some things simply ought not to be. Hate and murder are among them. As Christians, we must stubbornly insist, with eyes of faith, to look beyond what is and place our hope in what is to come. I will not add speculation or drama or explanation to what is already a saturated blogosphere. Instead, I want to comment on what seems missing amidst the escalating voices vying for your mouse clicks. The ability to mourn. I’m not yet 40 years old and I find myself saying, “I remember when…” I remember when we knew how to mourn. I remember when standing stunned and immovable in the wake of tragedy was not only possible, it was expected. On September 11, 2

What is the Image of Absolute Perfection?

What do you see when you look into a mirror? Do you see the reflection of God’s lovingly crafted masterpiece? A person knit together (Psalm 139:13) to be a vessel for God (Acts 9:15)? Or do you focus on every little imperfection that’s visible to your eyes? You know what I’m talking about: Pimples? Wild hairs? Baggy eyes? Wrinkles? A crooked nose? Imagine looking into a mirror and not obsessing over every one of those little imperfections. I’m not suggesting there’s ever a moment where they aren’t there, rather I am picturing a reality where they do exist, and yet, they don’t hinder the understanding of exactly how God sees us. Imagine it: A person standing there, peering into the mirror, a

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