God Bless You

The following is condensed from a sermon Pastor Adam gave on Matthew 5:1-3 on April 10, 2016. That sermon can be found here. Blessing is one of those words we use so much we seldom think about what it means. “God bless you!” I say to the sneezing stranger at the store. What the heck does that mean? What exactly do I want God to do to or for this person and/or their nasal passages? We say the blessing at dinnertime. In our house we often ask God to “bless this food”. Does that make it taste better? I know it makes it colder, especially if you have to wait for 4 kids to quiet down so you can say it! In some churches it is taught that God will “bless” you if you do certain things and avoid othe

Airplanes & Churches

I was in an airport the other day that was clearly not functioning as an airport should. Hundreds of people clogged turnstiles and security checkpoints. Children were crying. People were arguing. Fights were nearly breaking out. It was a nightmare. More than a few endured the chaos only to be turned away. Their flight had left without them. They went to all the trouble to buy a ticket, plan a trip, wait in line and at the end of the day they went nowhere. I’m sure I’m not the first pastor to see in this scene the irony of how we do church sometimes. In one sense, when traveling, the airport is my destination. When I get on a plane and am told we’re bound for Atlanta I assume the pilot means

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