What is Discipleship?

The simplest definition for the mission of the Church is “To make disciples.” This makes sense. Jesus explicitly tells his followers to do just that in the Great Commission of Matthew 28. But now we’ve swapped one problem for another. In defining the mission of the Church, we must now define the term “disciple”. The Greek word for disciple (mathetes) means student. But don’t picture a university lecture hall. There’s an old Jewish idiom, “covered in the dust of the Rabbi.” This means he is so close to the Rabbi’s heels, he’s getting dust kicked up onto him. Being a mathetes means learning knowledge but it’s more holistic than that. More earthy. More real. A disciple, over time, morphs into t

What's So Fascinating About Fasting

So it’s Lent again. Each year the common question circulating in “churchy” circles is “What have you given up this year?” Giving up something for Lent is a type of fast so that begs the question, what is fasting and why should we do it? What fasting is not Fasting is not a way to make God like you more. He already loves you with the same intensity of love he has for Jesus. Stop and think about that for a second. It’s a love perfected; an eternal love. A love the likes of which you can only imagine for nothing like it exists among people. You cannot make God love you any more or any less. And that’s a good thing ‘cause if you could I’d be in trouble! Fasting is not a way to get God to bless y

What Are You Afraid Of

In Mark 4 we’re told of a day when Jesus was out on the lake with his disciples when a massive storm caught them off guard. The disciples were in a panic when they realized Jesus was sleeping! They said to him, ‘Don’t you care if we all drown!?’ Jesus then wakes up and speaks to the storm “Quiet! Be still!” The storm obeys. He then turns to his friends and asks a question. Put yourself in the situation. What would you expect him to ask? “Why didn’t you get me sooner!?” “Is everyone alright?” No. Jesus asks, “Why are you afraid?” Duh! Fear seems to be a perfectly reasonable emotion given the circumstances, wouldn’t you say? But Mark goes on to report after the sea had calmed down, “They were

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